Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Life's Happiness ATC

You may have noticed the button in the sidebar already and today I made my first ATC for Mary Green's new class Collage Basics. I know that if I don't sign up and pay for a class at the moment I won't let myself do anything else but quilt and really it's so good to take some time out from all that hard work, to play and relax! So I joined Mary's class and had a great hour putting together this ATC for our first class.

It stretched my design muscles (they could do with a bit of exercise!) and it was also fun searching through all my vintage papers. I used a vintage wallpaper with flowers as the background and glued it onto a watercolour ATC blank. I added the lovely lady,also with flowers in her hand and from one of my vintage postcards. The map at the bottom picks up those flower colours. Of course, I could not resist adding words. They are now almost a must on my mixed media work and they are also starting to creep on to my smaller quilts! The final touch was antiqueing the edges of the ATC with a Distress inkpad. The ATC then looked as if needed something more and in the end I punched out a small star shape, from painted paper and glued it in the top right hand corner. That was it, the card was done!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

mmm! it is a lovely, simple design, Frieda -and just right! I am also enjoying how Mary is making me think about my design and not add as much as i might otherwise . . . great job and I am sure a welcome break!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! but then, all of your work is!

Terri said...

She is wonderful! I think you are wise signing up for a class and having something creative to do other than your fabulous quilts.


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