Friday, 26 November 2010

More Little Pictures

The disposable camera for the A Million Little Pictures project came with us today on a visit to West Linton to buy the newspapers and do our shopping. As the weather is freezing with ice and a dusting of snow and the forecast is for even colder temperatures and more snow, it seemed a good idea to concentrate the pictures for my theme Captured in Time, on places close to home. West Linton and environments has a lot of imagery to offer that fit the theme perfectly without venturing far from home.

This piece of sculpture shown above is part of the gable end of a cottage in the Main Street and is the work of the local stonemason James Gifford produced in 1660. It has suffered wear and tear over the years but is still a very impressive piece of art! We pass it almost every day and don't pay as much attention as it deserves so I had a really good look at it again today while taking my two pictures, one with the digital camera, but unmanipulated, shown here, and one with the disposable camera for the project, that will hopefully look much like the digital one.
We made a small diversion on the way home so that I could also photograph the Deepsykehead kilns, shown at the top. They are in a small lane, the extension across the crossroads from our own lane, and formed part of the limestone quarry that was there (now filled in). These kilns could be burnt continuously, usually throughout the summer and the lime was raked out daily from a grate in the draw holes at the base. It must have been a busy, industrial site back in the 18th and 19th Century. Hard to imagine now when all is peace and quiet. Only sheep and crows to be seen here.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I really like your theme. It is perfect for you and your environs. i keep wondering what you will show us next! I think your photos will make a lovely collection to send in for the traveling photomobile. : ))))


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