Friday, 5 November 2010


At the moment I'm feeling very much like a juggler with multiple plates up in the air. You know, those plates on sticks that all have to be kept spinning in order to stay on those sticks and to that end, the juggler keeps running around like a mad man from one to the other to give them a twist. Of course he always fails and the plates start smashing down to the ground.

In my case, so far at least, only one plate has shattered so to speak. And really it's not that surprising what with working towards the exhibition next year and an endless To Do list on the go, that something went wrong. In my case it was The Eye of the Quilter exhibition. This is shown at the Houston Quilt Festival and consists of photographs taken by quilters and send to the Festival digitally. They then print out the selected ones and exhibit them. The theme for this year's exhibition (on in Houston NOW!) is: Reflections.

It seemed made for me as I have a large selection of photographs that qualify for this theme so I printed out the directions for the exhibition and put it on my computer desk to remind me to make a choice from my pictures and put them onto disk so that I could go and upload them in the library (where there is a broadband connection). There seemed to be plenty of time, so I relaxed a bit too much and started putting other To Do pieces of paper on top of that particular sheet. You can guess the rest. I only discovered it again about a week ago, which was way too late!

So I did what Ifrequently tell my students not to do! As I used to remind them: not sending in work into a juried competition, is one way to guarantee you won't get in! So not only did I not get in, I also spend quite a long time being extremely annoyed with myself!
But hey, I do have this blog so here is my private exhibition of the photos I might have entered!


Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Beautiful photographs and - oh well - don't be too hard on yourself - these things happen for a reason don't they?

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Your photos are very captivating, Frieda. They seem quite professional to me! My favorite one is the one you have labeled "Stobo-October 2009" with the shed (?) on the water. All of these photographs are so wide open, yet peaceful. It is too bad you did not get them into the quilt show but I am sure many of your readers/viewers enjoyed them as much as I did. You accomplish sooooooo much, that missing the photo exhibit seems a minimal loss, especially since you can have your own private exhibit here!! sending hugs, lenna


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