Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter with a vengeance

Nature wasn't content with the 2 inches of snow we had yesterday so overnight another 4 inches or so was added to the mix and just like last winter this meant that my inner child came out to play!

First of all these weather conditions fully justified the fact that I had urged John to buy another snowshovel. While he worked, there was only one person shovelling (moi!) but now that he is at home too the shovelling is much more fun if we can both participate. There is apparently a lot more snow to come and I know from experience that the more there is, the harder the job so it makes sense to try and clear the snow as soon as it has fallen! For some reason I don't consider this work but play as it's such a great excuse to throw snow around in all directions. If only I felt the same way about dusting, the house would be spotless at all times but alas!!

Last winter we also spotted our neighbour collecting his groceries from the main road using a sledge and that struck me as a very good idea. So that's how I sold it to John although truth be told I just wanted a sledge simple to use, well for sledging, what else??

Our bright red sledge arrived last Tuesday (how well timed was that?!) and today I sledged! My now extremely out, inner child can't remember the last time it had such fun!!

We also walked the dogs, of course, in atmospheric fog and the temptation to take some more pictures of the bridge I showed you recently, this time with winter coat, proved to be too great. I loved both pictures I took so rather than make a choice I'm showing them both!


peggy gatto said...

Beautiful pictures!
Sending you cashmere hugs!!!

Terri said...

Brrrrrrrr. I aaaammmm sooooo cooooold llloooking attt your phoootoos!

That is a lot of snow!
You have a fabulous attitude about it!
Wishing you sunny days ahead.

FeatherDuster said...

Great pictures. Nice to look at, but I'm happy without the snow. Is it Spring yet? ;-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Frieda, is a sledge the red car in the garage? I don't think so, but i am not sure . . . I would think it would mean some kind of sled? You must clue me in . . . as our friend Roger from the UK would say, "2 countries separated by a common language" : ) !!!
The photos you took are enchanting and I am so glad you shared both. wow. no weather like that here!
xo lenna


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