Friday, 17 December 2010

Another day filled with snow, and a finished quilt.

We did not get much more snow overnight unlike many other U.K. regions but it was once more fiercely cold. The sunrise through the evergreens at the top of our garden was wonderful, due to the snow and the frost.

But of course, this weather is a real pain to wildlife and birds, so we try and do our bit by regularly feeding them. The result is that this phaesant has become almost tame. He wonders into our open garage if we're not quick enough in providing seed and layers mash (chicken feed) and potters around in our garden as if there are no predators about. In the case of Rueben he is right but we've already had to cling on to Troi, the greyhound, to prevent her from providing her own tasty meal! Fortunately she doesn't like to go out in the cold!
Unlike Rueben, who simply wants to be wherever we happen to be even if that means he gets snow stuck in his paws. He knows he only has to lift his leg, look at us in a pathetic manner, and his paws will be cleaned forthwith!
There was cause for celebration today as finally "that thing" as I have started to call Sweet Spring, has been done and dusted. Those words alone tell you that I was more than fed up with this quilt, its endless beads and buttons which is strange as I so enjoyed making its sister quilt Glorious Autumn. That was the only reason I could bring myself to make this one, as I know just where they could hang together in my upcoming exhibition colour - quilts - collage next year.

But repeating myself in this way is definitely not for me! I get bored with the process and although I'm pretty pleased with the finished product, Sweet Spring has been endowed with less than sweet memories!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

A finished quilt!! Frieda, this is cause for celebration : )))) It did not seem from my point of view that this took you very long, considering the size of it! i know you worked very hard on it. But now your quilts for the exhibition are done!
Rueben looks very lovely in the snow, even if he is picking a footie up. Brrr! I remember our dogs doing that.
Stay warm and celebrate -fantastic job! xo lenna

Helen Cowans said...

Congratulations on finishing THAT quilt :)

Terri said...

Congratulations on finishing your Spring quilt! I know it must be a relief. It is beautiful though! I love all the spring colors. It is going to look fab in exhibition!
Maybe now that it is done you can grow to love it : )

Your photos are really lovely. It is kind of you to feed the animals.

peggy gatto said...

Ah, spring at it's finest!!!!!!!


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