Thursday, 16 December 2010

Back to Winter Wonderland

The snow is back, exactly as forecast, and I feel very virtuous as all the returns for a Vintage Fashion ATC Swap I was hosting on the ATCforAll site were handed over to the care of the Royal Mail yesterday. All predictions for snow and ice made me think (correctly as it turned out) that I had better get them on their way and it makes me feel warmer to know they are winging their way to their various recipients.

But how romantic it is, all this snow. I won't ever get fed up with how it makes the world look!Even though we're back snow shovelling and this snow turned out to be much heavier than the previous load which was quite fluffy, so it was much harder to move from our drive but it also looked gorgeous, collected on branches as you can see above together with a snowy birdhouse and our chimney just popping up above it.

After the snow stopped falling I took Rueben only for a walk along the old railway line. Troi, the greyhound, is much happier on her beanbag by the stove in the living room. Rueben on the other hand loves this sort of weather. He digs into the snow with his nose and then can't understand what that white stuff is that's landed on it! I've captured him on camera, with the railway bridge once more as the main feature and my blip for today is an even more close-up picture of the bridge which you can find here.

These last two pictures of this post, are the first I took this morning when the snow was still coming down by the bucket load. There was a distinctly blue light over everything which was caught well by the new camera. But I admit to still missing my old one and haven't reconciled myself completely to the Lumix despite being quite pleased with the quality of the pictures.
After the snow stopped the sky slowly cleared and then turned blue in places and that resulted in my favourite picture taken today, the one at the top of the blog! Shame about the electricity line but on the other hand, it's really quite good to have electricity in the house, so I suppose I will have to put up with the cables in my pictures from time to time. Occasionally there is simply no way to avoid them.


Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful winterphotos!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

amazing winter wonderland you have Frieda. It is very romantic!!
i think the top photo is my favorite.

Terri said...

More snow!
Frieda, your photos, again, are amazing. I love each one. The blue light is so magical.
As for the power lines, I think it gives perspective and a certain feel to the composition. Well Done!


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