Monday, 27 December 2010

A bleak day

It's been a dark and sort of dismal looking day, very suitable for the dark period between Christmas and the New Year. On the one hand we had more snow overnight and apparently are due to receive some more tonight but on the other hand a thaw has also set in. Not that our temperature has risen above the zero degrees but it's only a few degrees below rather than minus 12 or 16 which we had before Christmas.

As a result the snow is rapidly disappearing from the trees but still lays thick on the ground and this combination together with an overcast sky did not make for a cheerful looking day.

But the dogs still have to be walked and I took the resulting snaps at the end point of the walk (where we turn back) which is the peat field. The picture below is also my blip for today and at the top you can see both our dogs, the greyhound well wrapped up against the cold!

And if you think this picture was taken towards the evening you'd be wrong. It was about 10.30 in the morning!!


Terri said...

Oh my! That does look like a bleak day!
It is nice to know that we are working our way back now to longer days. No wonder you love to work with such cheery colors in your art! I hope that the sun comes out soon for you.

Maggi said...

Wow, what a dark morning! Looks like something out of a Bronte book. lol


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