Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vintage Notecards

Another overcast and dark day in which the thaw melted some more snow (although there is still plenty left!) and in the process produced extremely slippery conditions. I managed to collect a blip for the day outside (click here to see it) but the rest of the time was spend in the studio where I tried as much as possible not to look out but instead to produce beauty within.

My project was to create the notecards for Lenna's Vintage Notecard swap. You can still sign up for this swap here and if you do, you will receive a wonderful PDF file in which Lenna demonstrates some techniques for producing your own notecards. I knew I had some blank notecards somewhere and surprisingly they turned up in the first place I looked. Wish that happened more! Usually I spend hours hunting.
They were white though, very white and not really suitable for our vintage theme. So I brewed some instant coffee (no, no, I don't ever drink this if I can help it, but it can be useful so I have a pot in the house). I put both envelopes and cards in the mix and that had the desired effect of antiquing them.
I made collages with vintage fabric, vintage looking modern fabrics, vintage lace and canvas images (from Altered Pages). I added a vintage button and also beaded around the images with size 11 seed beads. Vintage text was glued to all the collages too. The collages were then adhered to the notecards using my Xyron machine and a fabric glue cartridge. I bought this machine last Christmas and it's been such a revelation not to mention a time saver!
I also decorated the back of the cards with the stamp seen above. It describes so well how I feel about meeting my friend Lenna all those years ago so what better quotation to put on these cards for her swap. The envelopes were also decorated with a flourish stamp as you can see on the middle picture. 3 of the notecards + envelopes are for the swap and the extra one is for Lenna herself.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda! What a delight to find your beautifully done Vintage note cards for the swap on your blog today! Being a huge fan of your art it will come as no surprise that I adore them. Coffee dying the paper is such a grand idea and your fabric collage is perfect for very special note cards. Gorgeous!!!

Oh my! We must have been thinking of one another across the miles as I am working on your Venice themed skinny page right now : ^ ) Thanks so much for joining the swap and telling about it in your post. We sure have fun with our art exchanges, how lovely to liven up things that way. xo lenna

Gunnels blog said...

these are so beautiful !!!

arts4all said...


I'm so glad that we will meet again in another one of Lenna's swaps! Also, have been meaning to thank you for continuing to brave the cold to take the amazing photographs you are sharing on your blog. Being cold is one of my least favorite states, but it might be worth it to see winter scenery such as yours! Best, Susan

Terri said...

Frieda, your vintage note cards are fab! I Love that you dyed the cardstock and put seed beads around the edges.
Your blip for today is very dramatic looking, with the dark sky and flowing stream.
I hope you are staying cozy and warm in your house and enjoying plenty of creating time.

Leslie said...

Well, these are just lovely. Mine are almost done, just need to attach the liner to the card and send them off to Lenna.
I didn't know you could run something as dimensional as the beading thru the Xyron.
Outstanding job on these, Frieda. Don't you just love Lenna's swaps?

Karen Owen said...

Gorgeous notecards! They actually look antique.

Cat said...

Your note cards are so beautiful, Frieda, I love all the special embellishments that you added!!!

Are you using a "creatopia"? They look like fun!

Shannon Sawyer said...

Stunning cards Frieda!!! Love them, of course I love everything you make. I meant to write you an e-mail when the Somerset Gallery issue came out to tell you I loved your work in there as well. Happy New Year to you and yours. Be safe, healthy and successful at all your endeavors in the new year.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Oh Frieda!! Your cards are so BEAUTIFUL...They are all FABULOUS!!! :)

friedaquilter said...

I'm really overwhelmed by all the gret comments! Thanks so much, everyone.
And to answer cat's question, yes, I use a Xyron Creatopia with a special fabric adhesive cartridge! A great machine, don't know how I managed without it for all those years.

Cindy McMath said...

Frieda, these are absolutely stunning! Your cards were the last straw for me - I had to join when I saw them! I always admire your work.

Cindy :)


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