Thursday, 9 December 2010

The deer are back

The highlight of today took place early this morning when we opened the curtains to discover 3 deer huddled together in one of our flowerbeds. They must be very hungry indeed to venture so close to the house.

They knew we were there as they kept looking at us, but that did not prevent them from wondering around and having nibbles from a variety of plants and bushes. Now and again they lifted their heads to check we were still watching them.

In total there were 3 deer, one larger one and 2 small ones but needless to say they refused to be so close together that I could capture them in one photograph! For their sake I'm pleased we had a bit of a thaw today although the temperature remained below freezing (minus 2 but that was still 16 degrees warmer than yesterday). We're all making the most of this respite to try and stock up on supplies as the cold will be back by next week, according to the forecast.
My quilt is making great progress. The binding is on, which had to be done before I can bead the blocks on the outside edges and I'm now ready to start doing that. By some miracle this quilt has turned out the exact same size as the Autumn one, which will be good for hanging then together in my exhibition next year! I'm also very pleased that I already have the little buttons that will be sewn into the centre of each of the blocks. They were bought from Ebay and came from Taiwan. They managed to get here before the snow. It is all going suspiciously well!

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Helen Cowans said...

Love those deer - how typical not to pose together! We've had a "bit" of a thaw today. Yesterday the water was frozen in a jar in the studio and I couldn't get it warm enough - today I could work in there. glad that quilt is coming on well.


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