Sunday, 12 December 2010

My camera is dead

so long live the new camera. This was a very sad day as after faithful service lasting about 7 years my Fuji F410 has finally given up its ghost! The battery has been a bit dodgy for quite some time but I learned to work around that one. Then today when taking a wonderful shot (intended to be my blip) of the graveyard in West Linton I discovered that the lens was also kaput!

It's exceedingly childish of me to be so upset about an inanimate object but the Fuji felt like an extension of myself and has taken a gorgeous collection of shots over the years. It also had a cradle so it could be connected to the computer and at the same time recharge itself. A wonderful feature which sadly seems to have disappeared nowadays for new cameras. It also meant I knew at all times where the camera was to be found, a great advantage in my chaotic existence.

I simply could not face having to drag my digital SLR around with me on a daily basis and I was in a dreadfully bad mood, I have to admit, so the lovely, gorgeous John suggested a quick trip to Costco even if it was just to quickly get a camera to tide me over while deciding which really good one I want.
So the picture at the top (the whole day has driven me to drink as well, as you see) is the first one transferred to the computer from the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS30. And not before I had moaned some more about the fact that all the instructions for use can only be found on a PDF file! I already know they will be printed out as going to the computer every time I want to find out how to do anything, is most definitely NOT ON!
End of moan, tomorrow will be another day, I'm sure I will come to terms with my loss, and hopefully find a gorgeous subject to capture on the Lumix for a blip.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I saw that glass of wine in the photo Frieda, then still burst out laughing when I read, "the whole day has driven me to drink as well" !!!
You are too funny! Isn't terrible how we don't like things like cameras to change? It makes me feel like I am getting older!!
hugs, you'll figure it out, I'm sure of it!
xo lenna

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

sorry you've lost your favorite camera - I still haven't FOUND one that really does what I want!

Maureen Griffiths said...

I have a Lumix TZ3, and I love it to bits!
Happy New Camera....

Anonymous said...

Frieda - although I don't scour the web looking for customers for my son's business, I'm going to suggest that you e-mail him about repairing your camera. His web site is . He is brilliant at fixing cameras and if he can't repair it, he'll let you know. He is honest, fair priced and does high quality work. He owns a small shop and does all the work himself. It might be worth an e-mail for you.
Angela Blair

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much, everyone, and although sending my camera to the US to be repaired is going a bit far, this advice might be useful for someone! So far, I'm happy with the Lumix, but more testing will be done!


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