Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow, tell us about it!

Today was a total white-out, with snow falling more or less non-stop for most of the day. An inch or so had arrived overnight and amazingly about another 6 inches or so fell during the morning. We decided there was no point shovelling when the snow was still falling so instead we spend our time indoors and looked at the awful tales on the television news about travellers stranded at various airports, roads being closed for hours on end and other general mayhem due to the weather.
The picture just above was taken this morning during a snow storm at the top of our garden where you can imagine you're in the Arctic Circle instead of only 12 miles south of Edinburgh!

Fortunately things started to look up around 3 pm so we wrapped up the dogs and ourselves (every outing out of doors takes on the aspect of an arctic expedition at the moment, with all the various layers of clothing, hats and gloves, not to mention boots and grips!). Even the sun made a brief appearance so I managed to capture a blip for today (the picture above). And a bit later on the way back the light became very spooky with dark skies lighted up with the rays of the sun as you can see at the top of this blog.
Still more snow on the way (where does it all come from?!), but we now have enough supplies in the house to last for a month at the very least, so we should be okay for the time being. I'm just so pleased we're not trying to go anywhere!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

amazing, I do not know how else to describe this but amazing!!

Monica said...

Thinking of you as I complain about the 19.61 days and the 1.39 nights.

Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful photos!
I hope I´ll have more time to visit your lovely blog next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Terri said...

Amazing! I can not believe how much snow you are getting, nor how good an attitude you have! You are taking gorgeous photos of the snow, each post I see the most stunning pics.


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