Monday, 20 December 2010

Silent and white

The snow has now been with us since the 29th November! I know as this is when I started to blip, with a snow picture! Today it was accompanied by thick fog for most of the day and as I wandered around the garden looking at the deer tracks, I realized just how quiet it was. That was no doubt the inspiration behind the carol Silent Night. The snow seems to blanket off the outside world and of course there also was no traffic on the lane, nor could we hear any coming from the main road in the far distance. It took the passing of the snowplough to make our little lane drivable again but that did not happen till past noon. And even after that I think just one car came past during the afternoon.

And as for dreaming of a White Christmas, there is no need to do so. We are sure to have one! There is already so much snow that it will take more than a week to melt, but even that won't happen this week, as more extremely low temperatures and lots more snow are forecast for the latter half of this week. The fog lasted for most of the day and is back again tonight but there was a brief interval of about an hour when the sun came out and we walked the dogs. These 3 pictures show the beginning, the middle and the end of our walk along the lane, with the picture just above forming my blip of the day.

The other thing I'm really noticing at the moment is just how short the days are, with tomorrow in fact, being the shortest day or in other words the winter solstice. And the cold is all-pervading as soon as the light disappears! But my soul relishes all the beauty this winter is providing, even when the rest of me is freezing!


Terri said...

Phenomenal photos! The trees look so beautiful all coated in snow. I can understand how the beauty takes your mind off of how cold you are!

margaret said...

Very beautiful, all that snow, but now (mid-Jan) I'm hoping it's behind us!


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