Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sunshine and snowstorms

Snow shovelling is now so much the order of the day that I wonder what we did before, during the morning? In my case the answer is sewing, and it's true that not much is getting done in the studio. First thing this morning the shovels were out and yet again, whatever had fallen during the night (as much as, or even more than yesterday) was cleared. We're up to a total of about 70 cm or 28". Not that all that snow clearing served any useful purpose as our Macbiehill lane is impassable by normal i.e. not 4-wheel drive, cars. But we are kidding ourselves that keeping the driveway clear means that we could leave in the car just as soon as a snowplough comes through. No sign of one so far, probably because the main roads are in a mess too, and they are a priority.

We learn from the television that Edinburgh airport is shut till at least tomorrow morning and for the first time in living memory (how long is that exactly?) the Forth road bridge was also closed to all traffic. It's kind of ironic that I made the most of last winter's weather as I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience and here we are again, only about 8 months later!
We went for a dog walk after all that shovelling. We set off in lovely sunshine but had to turn back due to a incoming snowstorm. We did not make it back in time and discovered that walking with a freezing wind into your face accompanied by heavy snowflakes was not quite as much fun as the outward journey.
I also discovered that the buying of a new instant camera has become a priority as the old one is no longer charging its battery fully but there is no point ordering one now as it will simply linger in a courier office somewhere. I also haven't quite decided what to get, but in a worst case scenario I will have to take my SLR on the walks. I don't like doing this, it's just too big and cumbersome but needs must!


peggy gatto said...

Me again, I love seeing your photos,truly a winter wonderland!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your photos are amazing . . . the second one especially just blows me away. really quite something!
Do you mean your camera for the photomobile project lost it's charge already?? I have not pulled mine out yet . . .

thinking of you! Decklin & Tina are here :)

Terri said...

More snow???
How do you keep up?
I enjoy reading about your snow. You make snow shoveling sound enjoyable!
Your photography is really beautiful.

Miss Iowa said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow so early in the season. The scenery is beautiful and as long as one has heat, food, and an internet connection, it's not a bother to be snowed in, is it?


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