Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow remains the order of the day.

I'm rapidly running out of snow titles for every blogpost and that makes life difficult as it looks very likely that the snow will be with us for the foreseeable future! There were many more snow storms today but because it was during the day we managed to keep up snow shovelling wise! It's when a load falls during the night that it becomes seriously hard work.
There also were sunny intervals and it was during one of those that I captured the forest near our home looking like a fairytale forest! You could really imagine magical creatures living there.

We were also blessed by the arrival of a snowplough making its way slowly through the lane. John got in the car immediately (I managed to press some letters to post in his hand) and followed it to West Linton, where he too (like most of the U.K. apparently) did some emergency buying; cheese, milk (for him, I don't touch the white stuff!), dog and cat food just in case, celery (why? don't ask me!), apple juice (that's what I drink), bread (brown for health and white for toast), baked beans and sausages (for clogged arteries!) and a newspaper.
I was looking forward to the mail I expected him to collect from the Post Office but sadly they hadn't received any mail, not because there wasn't mail for us (this literally never happens! I'm proud to report I receive the most mail out of all my postie's round) but because the mail vans too are stranded somewhere on the dismal UK roads!

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