Monday, 6 December 2010

Talking about snow (yet again!)

I really can't believe how much snow can fall in one day! It started to snow again this morning at around 10 and it is still snowing as I'm writing this blog (around 5pm).

Shovelling was unending! I did my bit at around lunchtime and John did it all over again around 4pm when about 4 more inches had landed on the bit I cleared (also about 4"), so that makes a total of 20 cm on top of the around 80 cm covering the garden from last week's snowfall!

As a result there has been no mail, which is the only thing that I don't like about this weather.

The icicles on the old cottage have grown into a spectacular sculpture on the wall and they were my blip for today. As it was in fact the only picture I took (before the snow started in earnest), it's also my blog photo!


Helen Cowans said...

Lot of snow! Looks beautiful though,

Terri said...

Just look at those icicles! I haven't seen ones like that since I was a child.
You are a real trooper about all that snow. I don't know how you keep up with it all.
I would miss the mail too! I hope you get yours soon.
How is the beading on your quilt coming along?

Doreen said...

Beautiful photo Frieda, as always.

Maggi said...

Wow, you are really getting a ton this year! It sure is beautiful from this side although I can't imagine the no mail and shoveling to be very much fun. Stay warm! :D


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