Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sheep at Macbiehill

After another very cold day but no additional snow, we ventured out for a dog walk and also to deliver some of our chicken's eggs to our neighbours. It was bracing as they say!
But we rewarded by a stampede of sheep along the way. They must have been expecting their owner with feed because as soon as they spotted us, they all came running towards the gate and even the sight of the dogs didn't put them off.

I felt so guilty that we didn't have anything to give them!
After a warming coffee or two we walked home and this time our reward came in the shape of a glorious sunset as shown at the top of this post. It is also my blip for the day! I've just uploaded it and discovered that although I'm now managing to make sure the details of my camera stay attached to my blip, the time on my camera is wrong and the camera is a day ahead of time. So back to the instruction leaflet and reset the date/time. Hopefully I will finally get it all correct on my blip tomorrow!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

amazing! What adventures you have : )))

Terri said...

Ooooo, it does look cold in your photos! Even the sheep look cold! I would have felt guilty too, they do look desperately hungry! I hope they got some food soon.
I have a new camera as of this past spring. I am still learning to use it. There is so much on it that I haven't even touched yet! So there is always time to learn more. Your photos looks amazing. I think you are doing really well.

Georgina said...

It is beautiful - but I still don't want it!
Your sheep stampede reminds me of when we finally moved in here, and Binky, then aged four, went running up the hill calling Free At Last at the top of her voice only to then start running back down pursued by expectant sheep!


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