Thursday, 23 December 2010

White outside and in

It remains cold and white outside and we even had some more flutterings of snow. Now that we have so much already, another inch or so hardly makes a difference! I beavered away in my studio today (apart from taking my blip for today by going outside our gate, crossing the lane and pointing my camera when the sun appeared briefly) and even in my studio white was the order of the day.

I made skinny pages (4 x 8") for Leslie who had requested a mainly white theme and as she also listed French vintage as one of her favourite things so I combined the two. First I made a white background by ironing white fabrics, lace and yarn onto Fast2Fuse. These were machine embroidered and then the foreground was added, also by machine. On the first page, seen above I added a fragment of a vintage map of Paris (printed out onto fabric) as well as a vintage postcard of the same city, again on fabric. The text reads: "Good Americans, when they die, go to Paris".

On the other page I added a transparency of a Napoleonic soldier (image from a vintage French book published in 1793) which was surrounded with another bit of the vintage Paris map as well as part of the description about Napoleon from a vintage French encyclopaedia. The final touch was a self-adhesive embellishment looking like a postage stamp. Both pages also have sparkly silver fabric but alas, this gets lost in the scanning.


Leslie said...

Oh my gosh Frieda, both pages are beautiful....over the top gorgeous! I will be looking for them (anxiously) after the first of the year. Thank you SO much for the fabulous addition to my book! Your art is always wonderful!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

gorgeous fabric skinnies Frieda!!! I love the way you combine things. xo lenna


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