Friday, 24 December 2010

Winter Magical Mystery Tour

All the days seem to melt into each other at the moment. Probably because they are all much the same in that they are cold, with snow and sunshine. And although John occasionally makes it to the village or organic farm in the car, I have been here for most of the time since the snow started on the 29th November.

Yet every day is also unique in it's own way. The walks might all be along the lane but there is always the choice of turning either right or left. It was left today, to the crossroads, and Rueben and I marched along at a brisk pace in order to keep warm. I use my walks as thinking time as well and can get quite lost in my thoughts, while at the same time keeping an eye out for photo opportunities. I was passing along the kale field which still has the sheep in it and my eye was caught by a darker shape.

I took another good look and what a surprise. It wasn't a sheep grazing but a deer! I motioned Rueben to be really quiet (he is such a good and smart dog!) and grabbed the picture above when the deer still had no idea we were there.

We slowly moved along, and the snow must have disguised the sound of our footsteps so we got amazingly close and this was the last picture I managed to take before the deer glanced up in alarm, took one startled look at us, and then took off at high speed, ran along the wall, then jumped it and disappeared into the forest.

Rueben and I walked on at a more sedate speed to the crossroads, where I must have been thousands of times but today, as a result of the deer and my wonderment at meeting it, I suddenly noticed the fire sign. So appropriate and also (considering the weather ) so inappropriate! And also wonderful, a shining example of serendipity. It made me feel goodwill towards all men, deer, dogs and our gorgeous Macbiehill.

That was this morning and I could not resist the opportunity for another walk in the afternoon, this time along the old railway line and there too the world was endlessly beautiful, peaceful and beyond wonder.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

".... endlessly beautiful, peaceful and beyond wonder."
Your photos are so good that they show all that and more. Love them!

And love to you & john!
xo lenna & steven

Terri said...

Such beautiful and peaceful snowy photos! The deer is so sweet!
Merry Christmas to you Frieda!


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