Friday, 21 January 2011

Blipping in the fog

There have now been two days of thick fog, here at Macbiehill. Very scenic but a bit depressing too. I caught some lovely pictures for my blip. The picture at the bottom was yesterday's one and for today I dithered for ages between the one below and the one at the top of this blogpost. In the end I decided on the reflections below only because the lane has featured in quite a few blips already! The reflections are of the heather hanging precariously over the peatfield drainage ditch which is covered in ice.

The blip bug has infected me completely! As soon as I get up I start looking around for what I can photograph. I've always been keen on photography, taking courses with The Open College of the Arts, and enjoying carrying my camera with me, wherever I go. As an artist, simply looking and observing is part of what we do, and my photography has become part of my art tools.

The other hugely entertaining bit of the Blip site is how many friends have joined me there and I'm also making new ones; other fanatic photographers and people simply chronicling their lifes wherever they happen to be. And they are all over the globe. I look at blips from Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Florida, Belgium, Tuscany, Germany, France, Ireland and even Afghanistan to name but a few, not to mention fellow Scots. And thus I get miraculous glimpses into fellow blippers' existence. To call it addictive doesn't really cover it!
Totally wonderful it most definitely is.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

You have said this all so well, Frieda! I am right there with you with blip! I love the misty photo at the top of your post. Wishing you somesunshineSoOOn!

Rella said...

Hi Frieda - is the gorgeous quilting on the sidebars of your blog YOUR work?? It is more than stunning.
And now I read about blip...I have no idea what this is and must investigate.

xox Rella

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for the great comments. And yes, Rella, the background of this blog is a little Journal Quilt from 2006 and the banner comes from another of my quilts. I'm sure you will fall in love with blip!

Maggi said...

Ooooo, that first picture is so spooky, I love it!


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