Sunday, 23 January 2011

Highly Prized Journal Quilt

I had not finished with the Sketchbook Challenge yet. As you might have read on a previous blog post, I'm participating in this challenge and we are set a theme for every month. January's theme was Highly Prized. I made the page in my sketchbook dedicated to my wonderful azur-blue new Lumix camera which has already found a place in my heart.

Another decision I made was to participate again in the Journal Quilt project of the Contemporary Group of the British Quilters' Guild. Last year was the first year I did not make JQs consistenly throughout the year and to my surprise I really missed it. And the sad fact is that I did make JQs, 6 to be precise and pictures of them will be appearing here as soon as their various exhibitions open. I know I would have made the full 12 if only I had signed up, so this year I'm back in the groove!

I'm going to combine the two challenges and let my sketchbook pages inspire the Journal Quilts. They have to be 10" square and for the first 4 of them, circles have to appear somewhere. What could be better for a sketchbook page inspired by a camera, which has, you've guessed it, a circular lens. So here it is, my first JQ. I've used the sketch of my camera by scanning it in and printing it out onto fabric. The image in the centre is one of the very first pictures I took with my Lumix.

Other techniques include: machine quilting on a velvet background, raw edge applique, free machine embroidery and quilting and hand beading.

The JQs this year will be photographed rather than scanned (those beads almost make that impossible in any case) so my camera has taken a picture of a picture of my camera. Talking about going around in circles!


Mandy said...

Thanks for explaining so much of the detail of how you made your journal quilt.
Like you, I am taking part in the Journal Quilt project. This will be my first year to take part. I haven't started mine yet.

Maggi said...

Ha, circles indeed! This is gorgeous!

peggy gatto said...

What a fabulous journal this will be, a stunning first page!

arts4all said...

Frieda, this JQ is very inspiring. You blend your life and art in ways I am just at the beginning edge of learning.

Looking at an enlargement of the blog photo, I was delighted to see the frosty tree at the center of the fabric lens. So many of your winter blips have had this misty look and I was quite taken by this small but important detail.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This is brilliant, Frieda! I absolutely love it in more ways than one!!

sandra wyman said...

Love it! Still have mine to work out...

I got a new lumix too - boring black but bells and whistles galore - and I love it already! Azure blue sounds good

Terri said...

Wonderful! The colors and composition are fab!
Your journal is going to be totally amazing.

Boxoftrix said...

Beautiful piece

Lenna Young Andrews said...

3 years later I still marvel at this JQ -thanks for pointing us here!


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