Monday, 17 January 2011

Eiffel Tower Heart

My large quilt has come to a temporary halt while I think about what to do next and try out various ideas. I always know when I've reached such a stumbling point as I start to look for a displacement activity. A friend of mine finds that in her case she wakes up with an urgent desire to start cleaning her house but this has never happened to me, as you can tell clearly just by looking around. However stressful my creative time may be, nothing can persuade me to start dusting!

Instead I made a little fabric heart for a competition on the Marie Antoinette site. We were giving our pattern (the size is 6" high, by 9" wide) and of course the heart had to have a French theme, although not specifically Marie herself. I gathered up every supply I could find to go with the theme in the way of images, beads, ribbons, buttons, trim, chain, wadding etc. and set to work and here are the results. At the very top of this blog is the front of the heart, and just above the back.
I also added a chain laced with pink ribbon as a handle, and hung yarns with large beads at the bottom as you can see above.

Finally you had to be able to fold up the heart and this is a shot of the closed heart. So that's it, a beautiful heart instead of a clean house. But then that is a sign of a wasted life. I have a wall tablet that says so, thus it must be true!!


arts4all said...

Wonderful to see the rest of your heart after just the one view on blipfoto. I like the back as much as the front - maybe better!! And if there are any dangly bits, I'm your girl!!!

Getting to know you through your art and various postings is a treat!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

such beauty!!

Terri said...

Frieda, I love your Marie heart! I saw it on the MAMA site too. You did a beautiful job with your design and all your embellishments.


Maggi said...

Wow, this is so pretty! Wasted life? Whatever! LOL Here's to beautiful projects and dirty houses! lol

Rella said...

The heart is so gorgeous, Frieda. Stunning work.

xox Rella


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