Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The open road

Continuing on from my blog yesterday, the other thing I tend to do when stuck in the creative mud, is go for a walk and today Rueben and I took to the open road. We did not go very far from home but it was necessary to take the car which he hates! We might have indulged him too much in this and it makes it difficult to take the dogs with us when we're out and about. Troi, the greyhound, isn't fuzzed. As long as she can lie down, she'll go anywhere. But Rueben is a nervous wreck in the car, maybe down to some bad experiences in the past, before he came to us.

I have decided (finally) to take him in hand and go for little drives (a bit further every time) and then go for a long walk (which he loves!). I'm hoping that eventually he'll get the message that driving = fun.

He learns so fast in other respects that I'm hopeful he'll catch on fast. He knows for instance that the chickens are a no-go zone and also a Do Not Disturb, and he has now extended this knowledge to our tame pheasant. That bird is also smart and awaits us in the courtyard every morning and pecks his birdseed out of the container instead of waiting till it's dissed out!

After much deliberation I decided to make the pheasant my blip for today but I also love the picture of these trees near Baddingsgill, West Linton, taken during our walk. The sun appeared briefly too, to brighten the day.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I do love the trees too, Frieda!


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