Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Highly Prized

After yesterday's adventures today was a studio day. First of all I finally figured out my next step re the quilt and that gave me enough peace of mind to make my contribution for the Sketchbook Challenge. You might have spotted the button for this project at the right-hand side but to date that was all I had done about it. Have a look at this great blog site and you can read all about it and participate. You don't have to do it every month, just whenever you feel the desire. A new theme is set every month and the one for January (the first one!) is Highly Prized, so I have been thinking about all the things I highly prize! A long list, but I finally settled on the highly prized object that I bought recently; my new camera.

The background for the page was made using my watercolour pencils, first dry and then going over it with a water brush. Stamping with images of snowcrystals was the next step. I added a sketch of my camera (sewn on!) and pictures taken with it during our snowy period (mounted on a sewn-on ribbon) when I started using it. I also journalled about how I came to buy it. I added a few more embellishments and then called it finished. I'm not particularly keen on my own handwriting but hopefully I will get used to it over the year. After all this project is all about learning and jumping in at the deep end of sketchbooking and journaling.
My open box of colouring pencils also provided me with a blip for today, taken with the camera I journalled about.
PS if you noticed that the L in Highly was missing, that has now been rectified!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

how inspiring this is for me! I love seeing you jump into another journal, Frieda. The colors you chose for this are soooo pretty in blues & greens, and it even looks like a quilt :)) Glad you got your planning about that sorted out too.
p.s. I am making note of your camera since you like it so much!

Terri said...

Beautiful Frieda! I absolutely love the background as well as the colors you chose for your journal page. The way you designed it is fab too!
Your art is always so delicious!

Maggi said...

Ha, I didn't even notice the L was missing. :P Congrats on the new camera!!!

Donna said...

I love your highly prized piece! The background is fabulous! Gorgeous colors! D~~~~


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