Thursday, 13 January 2011

Time passes

Two days without blogging! It's been quite some time since that last happened. And why didn't I blog? Well, the honest reason is that nothing much is happening and because of that the days seem to melt into each other. Sometimes I can't even remember which day of the week it is, let alone the date.
I read something somewhere recently (that's how vague I'm feeling) that time goes slower when significant events take place in your life. When life is more routine, it passes fast. Does it matter? I love the slow flow of these dark winter days, when all the festivities are done and dusted, and there is no sign of life in the garden yet. And the slow flow is going fast.
Time is used fruitfully with the start of a new quilt, thinking about smaller projects, putting the finishing touches on an article and reading a book about the ruined buildings in Ireland. The reading suits the season and time of year! So time is deceptive as even though it passes quickly it is filled with my life being lived.
I love such deception and my blip for today (seen above too) is another example. It looks so much larger than it is in reality. It could be a lake but it's only a puddle at the bottom of the railway bridge. The snow is melting, it's rained most of today and thus we have a small flooding. Underneath the water is ice. All is not as it seems here too!


Maggi said...

What an interesting picture and it's a puddle! I love the thought that times passes quicker during the "every day". That makes so much sense! Maybe because we pay more attention to time when it's significant. lol

Lenna Young Andrews said...

loved hearing from you again and beautiful photo!

Terri said...

What an interesting post! "All is not what it seems here" sounds like a line in a good story!
You have started a new quilt already?
Wow! What colors are you using?

I am having to be patient and wait for my quilt class to start next month. I think picking the fabric is going to be interesting : )


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