Monday, 3 January 2011

Trip to Talla Reservoir

Today is still a Bank Holiday here in the U.K. (as is tomorrow, but in Scotland only) and as the snow is virtually gone at the moment we decided to take a drive out towards St. Mary's Loch. We did not quite make it as far as the Loch because when we were faced with a one-track lane, covered in a sheet of ice and going steeply uphill, we felt that it would be foolhardy to go any further.

But never mind, we made it as far as Talla Reservoir which provides the water for Edinburgh. To our amazement it was completely frozen over so what you see here is not water but ice! Mind you, we did have an outside temperature of minus 7 Celsius at our house so it should not be a surprise to see ice. Talla Reservoir has some interesting what I guess to be Victorian buildings in and around it as you can see above.

This view is from the opposite site of the reservoir (the bit you're looking out at from the picture at the very top which is also my blip for today), and as you can see there is some blue in the sky! Wonderful to see but it will be shortlived. Snow flurries are coming down at the moment and more snow is expected overnight but fortunately not enough to maroon us at home once again. At least lets hope so, I really need to get to a shop soon, as withdrawal symptoms are setting in.


arts4all said...

Your blip is gorgeous, and I love those woolly sheep grazing.

Terri said...

Your photos show a beautiful landscape. I can only imagine how cold it must be for that body of water to be frozen.
It is good to see there was a little bit of blue in the sky! That must have been a thrill.
I hope the new snow is short lived and that the sun does peek it's head out for you soon, so you can get out to the shops!


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