Saturday, 5 February 2011

Be afraid!

I've had my eye for quite a while on the long horned Highland cattle in an adjoining field and have captured several on camera already in the past. But the ones I really fancied picturing were the black ones and when we were passing in the car this morning one of them was right by the fence. So John was ordered to screech to a halt (right in the middle of our one-track lane!) so that I could quietly creep out of the car with my camera at the ready. He was far from shy, however, and leisurely strolled in my direction to see what I was up too. As you can see there is a fence between the two of us, which is a good thing, as even I am not quite daft enough to venture in the same field as himself. He had a long, hard look at me and then wandered off again. But no matter, the camera caught him perfectly.
He provided just about the only spark (as well as the blip) in an otherwise damp, dismal and grotty day in which my dial-up connection nearly drove me mad.
But by the end of the day there was another bright moment when I discovered that I'm the Artist in the Spotlight for February on the ATCsforAll site. You can see this for yourself by clicking here!


theresa martin said...

Oh, what a beautiful face! Congrats on the Artist Spotlight!

Terri said...

Oh yes, I would be very afraid! He looks very big and strong! What a fab photo though!

Sorry it was a drab and dreary day. I see that the snow is gone...that is a plus!
I hope you are well and enjoying your art. How is your quilt coming along? I start my first lesson in two weeks. I haven't picked out any material yet.... so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from!


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