Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Up and Down Stoneypath

I almost got snowed in at the library yesterday as I was so engrossed in making a Blurb book using their superfast broadband connection that I forgot to occasionally glance out of the window or even to stop to have a bite to eat. When I finally looked up the snow was slowly piling up outside and I stopped all activities in order to make my way home while I still could. Fortunately today most of it has gone from around us although it's laying on the high hills.

As today loomed bright and dry a long dog walk was called for and Rueben and I set off up Stoneypath out of West Linton. This track definitely lives up to it's name as it's very stony indeed. No bad thing as it provides traction for the wellie boots, and as it also goes steeply uphill, it's good to know the stones prevent it from being too slippery. I like it too as it goes up first so that you know when you come back the going will be easy! Having said that I prefer going uphill! First of all there is the physical challenge (when I use Rueben's pitstops for widdling as resting points for me) but it's also gentler on the knees. Downhill has never been my favourite bit of hillwalking, but at least you don't have to stop to catch your breath.

After climbing up Stoneypath you reach the old Roman road going in the direction of Edinburgh. Yes, the Romans made it here although they did not get much further north. As you can see on the picture above they liked their roads long and straight! This one runs on the flanks of the Pentland Hills and provides stunning views. It's quite high up too and you could walk to the next village Carlops. However that's quite a hike and today we turned back on ourselves once we had reached the highest point.

And I was right, the track back might have been muddy and wet (you should have seen my boots and Rueben's paws when we arrived back at the car) but it was also relaxing going downhill most of the way. The hill you can spot through the trees on the picture above and also on the picture at the top of this blog post (also my blip for today) is called Mendick Hill. You can see it from our house too, and in fact from almost everywhere in West Linton and its environment.


Terri said...

Beautiful Freida! You are an expert walker!
Your photos really give a feel for your area. That really is a straight road. I guess the Romans didn't want to waste resources creating curves.

I received your surprise mail today!!! I was so excited, you can not imagine! I love envelope, the card and the ATC! Thank you so much, your kindness is truly appreciated and it really touched my heart!
I posted about it today.

Maggi said...

Wow, glad you were able to get home safely!

The Tablescaper said...

I'm here via Artful Affirmations and I'm so glad I've come. Your post is amazing. I feel like I've taken a wee trip across the pond. What a lovely visit.

- The Tablescaper

friedaquilter said...

So happy you liked your surprise, Terri! I really enjoy all your marveous comments here and wanted to do something for you as a Thank You!


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