Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors Fabric Swatch Exchange

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to take time out to do this but it proved the perfect activity for a wet and miserable day. I had read in the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine about a proposed fabric swatch exchange. The idea is to design your own half yard of fabric, and then cut it into eight 9 x 9" pieces which you mail to the magazine and eventually you will receive six pieces back decorated by other artists while the 2 remaining pieces will be used for two giant swatch books, one of which will be won by one of the participants (fingers crossed!).

I started with white cotton fabric and painted it with Dekasilk fabric paints and then let the piece dry. That was done yesterday so that the fabric was ready for me this morning.

I then used stamps bought recently in the children's department of the Hobby Craft shop. I was attracted to them because they featured circular shapes in a variety of sizes and I love circles. I used both fabric paints and acrylic paint for the stamping. Some of them were metallic colours. Again I left this to dry.

The final touch was provided by stencilling through sequin waste (or punchinella) using spray paints as well as acrylic paints till eventually I looked at the fabric and thought: "That's it!".

The finished fabric is shown at the very top and is also my blip for today.


Terri said...

Oh yes! Your handmade fabric is fabulous! I love the colors and the design you created. What a truly fun swap this one is.
You sure do know how to play!

Christine said...

I love your fabric piece. It's very pretty. I found your link to your blog at the CPS reader challenge gallery.


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