Wednesday, 9 March 2011

100 blips

Today I posted my 100th blip, which means that I have continually uploaded a photo to the Blipfoto site since November 30th last year. So far so good and I intend to keep uploading one a day till I have reach the 365th one at the very least.

The premise of the Blipfoto site is that you can upload one picture a day but only on the date that the photo was actually taken and so you can get an idea of what's happening all over the world by looking at the pictures at any given day.

So a special day and it was rather upsetting to discover that today of all days the entire communication network around the West Linton dialling code had gone belly up. So we could not phone or receive calls on our landline apart from local calls within the West Linton area, both our mobiles could only be used to make emergency calls and of course that also meant no computer (I'm on dial-up) but as we discovered in the village no broadband either, no money from the bank etc. etc. It's amazing how many things were affected.

Noone has any idea why, including British Telecom. Was it a solar flare, something to do with the snow and wind overnight, a cyber attack, or something to do with security?? Will we ever know? No idea but I was profoundly grateful that after a day long failure, just after 5pm life returned to normal or at least as normal as it gets around here.
So here it is: my 100th blip, tulips (inside) and snow (outside)


arts4all said...

Congratulations on your 100!!! A very exciting milestone. I love to see your world.....These tulips are so colorful against the snowy exterior. ~Susan

Terri said...

Wow, 100! Congratulations!
Your flowers are so lovely. I am glad your trouble was over in one day and that it did not linger.

I am almost done with all my quilt squares. I will post some on my blog as soon as the sun comes out so I can get a good pic. I am really enjoying it.


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