Thursday, 5 May 2011

Another tulip picture

Sorry if you feel a bit neglected on this blog at the moment. I'm dashing about from one place to the next, trying to keep all my plates up in the air so to speak, what with taking quilts to Loch Lomond, keeping an eye on my exhibition, walking dogs, taking a blipfoto every day, and also maintaining some sort of order (however small) at home.

This is my blipfoto for today and it's part of an experiment where I try and see just how close I can get to my subject while still obtaining a sharp picture. Zooming in to the extreme means you end up with an almost abstract picture and I'm increasingly attracted to that technique.

The detail above is from a tulip called Angelique.

You can also see a new portrait of me in the sidebar. Following the workshops in the Inner Excavation book which I reviewed some weeks ago, I'm playing with taking self-portraits and this one worked out unexpectedly well. It also looks very sunny so seemed appropriate to upload for this time of year.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

well, you are doing great, Frieda. I don't feel neglected!! Especially since I received your ATC for the color groupies yesterday!!! Lovely card, envelope and ATC. Thank you so much.

You are bound to be very busy with your exhibit going on, but it seems to me you are handling all you've got on your plate very well. And I love your new "about me" photo with your pink sunglasses. So pretty and just brilliant!! : ) you match the tulips now, so cool! xoxo


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