Friday, 6 May 2011

Sealand Gem collage detail

We paid a flying visit to my colour - quilts - collage exhibition today and it was rather uplifting to read all the wonderful comments in the visitors book. I've also received lovely e-mails and cards. A real treat!

The picture above is a detail of one of the fabric collages in the exhibition, called Sealand Gem which is the name of the clematis pictured. I really enjoyed first of all printing my photos on fabric, machine embroidering the picture and then finding all the different elements (paper, fabric, lace, old jewellery etc.) to form part of the collage mix. There are 4 of these in the exhibition and I'm definitely going to make some more in the future.


Keltia Crafts said...

I like this very much Frieda. I'd have loved to make it down to the Borders to see your exhibition. I noticed you had one on, in the Contemporary Quilt Group website. I've just joined it myself. I'm pretty busy getting ready for Angus Open Studios later on this month, but hubby and I are coming down to just outside Kelso for a week on 19th June. Maybe we can meet up for a coffee while I'm down.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

This is wonderful Frieda, the clematis fabric collage. I can definitely see you doing this with your tulip photos! I love all the stitching and the ragged fabric around the title. So wonderful you visited the exhibit and found delightful comments in the visitors book -I am very happy for you.


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