Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cherry and Aqua ATCs

The colour combination for June was Cherry and Aqua and so far this has proved to be my favourite for this year. So cheerful and of course also rather patriotic as red and blue (as well as white) figures in the flags of the U.K., USA, The Netherlands and France (and many more, no doubt, Russia comes to mind). There must be something about these colours that talks to the nations.

You will see that these cards were made very much like the Red, White and Blue Marie Antoinette cards I showed here recently. Those ribbons came in handy once again and the images came from a variety of different suppliers. While searching for them I came across the sheet of red swirl rub-offs so they were added to the mix as well.

The cards reached Caryl, Lenna and Tristan quite quickly but Debby (in Canada)'s took a bit longer as there is a postal strike there added to the already sluggish Canadian mail system. As you will notice there is in fact an extra card apart from the one I kept myself (shown at the top). The extra card became a RAK (random act of kindness) and has also landed with its new owner.


Jewels said...

These are just wonderful Frieda - love the effect of the red "rub ons". And yes the Canadian postal service stinks. I always have to think about timing when I send cards to my family there...Jewels

theresa martin said...

So lovely seeing them all together. Your RAK to me has brought me a lot of happiness. Thank you!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

They look stunning all together like that, but of course I am partial to mine with the romantic couple. Thank you, Frieda!!!!!

Terri said...

Gorgeous Frieda! I love this color combo too, especially in summer. So fresh and vibrant! Love all your images and composition.
Happy Sunday!

frutti said...

I enjoy looking at your works - they are truly beautiful.


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