Sunday, 19 June 2011

A colourful weekend

Despite dismal weather conditions the weekend was filled with colour. On Saturday I drove to Alva for a Textile Day and went ever so slightly mad (okay, if you want the truth, totally mental!) buying fabric for the quilt I have just started. In fact with the amount of fabric I have so far bought for it I could probably make 10 but hey, you need choice! And doesn't that display seen below look tempting? It belongs to the African Fabric shop owned by Magie Relph, who makes regular trips to Africa together with her husband Bob to replenish her stock. Now wouldn't that be fun! She also made the quilts you can see hanging on the right-hand side.

Today the rain was even more ferocious and it seemed like sheer lunacy to visit a garden in Lanarkshire, called Dippoolbank Cottage, which was open under the Scottish Garden Scheme. The name of the cottage gives you a hint about the conditions there, very wet and peaty underfoot. It rained for virtually all the time we were there and I felt lucky that my Crocs could sink into the mire and the rain then washed them clean. The same could not be said for my feet! But who cares when you are rewarded by a spendid vegetable garden, a magnificent tree house, a fernery, as well as tea and cake, a tombola and plant sales. Just the sight of the yellow iris (seen at the top) made this a worthwhile outing. Now off to wash most of our saturated clothes!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I think 'madness' and 'lunacy' just suits you to the "T"! It seems always some good is coming out of it (in my opinion) when you mention these words!! xo

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Gorgeous blog and love your work. Found you via my fibermixedmedia posting about following each other's blogs. And glad of it! We share some common interests.


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