Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Lonely Ocean Journal Quilt

Way back when I promised I would show you all 4 Fantasy Journal Quilts, made for the competition organized by Grosvenor Exhibitions. I got as far as 2 and you'll probably be thinking I forgot all about it. And it's true, I did. Life and the exhibition got in the way but I remembered these again when they returned home last week after having been exhibited at the Quilt Show in Malvern. At the same time my rozette also arrived, a trophy and a fabulous collection of fabrics, all part of my 1st Prize. Such a treat. This one is not part of the 2 that won the first prize but nevertheless, it was one of my favourites.

The spread I did in my Vintage Gluebook (this class is still available, by the way, and with a reduction in the price. Find out more here) was the inspiration and as you can see I've not altered all that much apart from the orientation. The spread is landscape and the JQ portrait. There is a lot of use of printing the vintage images and text onto fabric, use of dyed and painted fabric, and also lots of embellishment with actual shells, which makes this the most delicate of all 4 JQs but nevertheless it came home unscatched. The cross shaped embellishment was a great find in among my bits and pieces and in my mind at least represents the Southern Cross star.

It won't be long now before I'll post all about the last JQ in this series, which is both the first one I made and the one I love the best!!


Terri said...

Your Lonely Ocean journal quilt is so lovely! The waves looks so good, as well as all the other elements. The glue book pages are fab as well. I love seeing it there first and then how it turned out quilted.
Well done! And congratulations!

Jewels said...

Just lovely Frieda - and wonderful that your vintage collage inspired it!

Susan Norwood said...

This is really incredible how you turned your gluebook collage into a fabric collage! It is very beautiful!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

It is so lovely to see this, Frieda. At first I was wondering why the JQ looked familiar and then I realized it was because I saw the design in your gluebook first! I love the JOurnal Quilt, it is outstanding! i look forward to viewing the rest. xox


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