Tuesday, 7 June 2011


During my walk with the dogs we pass by our neighbour's field. And today for the very first time in ages the old horse Sadie was watching over us from above. The sides of the old railway line

are banked up so she was looking down on us. Sadie is a very old rescue horse who is living out her days happy and contented and very well looked after.
She has recently received new medication and it must be doing her good as she seems to be venturing further from her stable than she did before, probably because she's in less pain. Sometimes when she lays down she has trouble getting up again and John is then called in to help right her as Sadie is a very large horse and it required a lot of effort to get her back on her feet.

Despite the melancholy picture of her at the top, Sadie is a very gentle and sweet horse! And she's also very lucky, being rescued by people who really love her and are doing the very best for her.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

It is lovely to see more and read more about your beautiful neighbor. xo

peggy gatto said...

She is 1 big work horse and I love her winter coat!!

Sheila A. said...

God bless all the special people who look after animals like Sadie.
They are very special. Sadie was very fortunate to be taken under their wing. This is a sweet post.

Georgina said...

Sadie looks very like my old horse Rockie. Same coloring, same feathers. His 'stripe' was a bit thinner and he was a he! He lived to be 31 (I had him 29 years)


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