Friday, 3 June 2011

A Summer's Day

All of a sudden summer arrived in all its glory today. According to the forecast only today so we dropped everything, even going as far as donning shorts (me, definitely not John!) to enjoy the sun, the heat, the garden. Here in Scotland you have to make the very most of these sorts of days, it might just be the only one on offer for this year!

For my part I also grabbed the camera and proceeded to take as many photos as possible, trying to capture colour schemes for future work as well as taking a blip for today. The picture above became it although the choice was almost impossible. The deep red/ luscious purple just filled my heart with joy, although the reds seen below came a close second.

The only sounds we can hear are the chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the bees. However much bees might suffer in the rest of the world here at Macbiehill they can be found aplenty, specially on the Jacobs' Ladder plants (seen below) which are proliferating in our little courtyard part of the garden. Not all our flowers are attractive to bees but we have plenty that are and the bees gratefully take their pick.

I love the pure, unalterated yellow of the marigolds, like little suns in their own right.

The geraniums we bought as small plugs have come into their own and we seem to have all kinds of colours varying from red hot (as below), to peach, to pink and also white.

The clematis Sealand Gem in our greenhouse is flowering its head off, never had so many beautiful purple flowers before. I keep on taking ever more pictures just to see all the amazing detail. The large flower petals come out cringled looking and then fold out to flatness, but I love that frilly look.

So there it was. A stunning, sunny day, sometimes almost too hot for comfort, surrounded by beauty. Not much was achieved apart from reading, thinking about the new theme for the next Journal Quilt (Pathways), and planting up some hanging baskets, but then again, tomorrow will apparently be more than 10 degrees colder than today, as well as cloudy and wet. An excellent day to go to a art stamping fair!


arts4all said...

Oh Frieda, such beauty you are enjoying! Especially love the little bonus of the dandelion fluff resting on the clematis petal....... Just tell me why John won't wear shorts - men can be so funny ;-0

peggy gatto said...


Terri said...

Yay for you! Your garden must be so gorgeous with all those lovely flowers. All your photos are beautiful, I love the clematis the most though, the color is stunning.

I just mailed off my domino books to Lenna. I am so excited to do this swap. The little books I have seen on her site are really amazing! I hope I get one of yours.

On the topic of what men wont wear I will add my two husband will ONLY wear shorts, and he will not wear sandals....ever! I have tried and tried over the years, even the 11 years we lived near the beach in Southern California....oh well.

btw, I have a giveaway going on all month at my blog!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

gorgeous, Frieda. I can feel your sunshine!! xo


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