Wednesday, 1 June 2011

We need your vote!

First of all, you'll notice a new button in the sidebar of this blog. By clicking on it you can vote for The Quilters' Guild in order to make it the most popular Lottery Funded Heritage Project and that in turn helps the Guild with it's funding. The Quilters' Guild now has its very own headquarters and museum in York and I'm hoping to pay a visit in the very near future. York is a beautiful and historic town and worth a visit in its own right but having a Quilt Museum there makes it even more attractive for a weekend away!

Here is the link again! And remember you don't have to be a member or live in the U.K. in order to vote. Just go ahead and click that button! Once you get to the Lottery site, clock on Best Heritage Project on the left hand side and then vote for Unfolding the Quilts!

Vote for Unfolding The Quilts

The picture at the top is unrelated to quilts but as well as my blip for today it was also a major achievement. I've wanted to capture Neidpath Castle for a long time but its situation just off the busy A72 road out of Peebles made it virtually impossible to stop and take a picture, specially as there's no pedestrian access along the road. So I was over the moon to discover that in order to do some bridge repairs the side of the road had been coned off. I found a nearby lay-by and scuttled back along the road and then inside the coned-off area, in order to capture the castle in its full glory. It's a very Scottish, dour looking place with by all accounts a frightening dungeon and a ghost as its main claims to fame. And if I had left it any longer, trees in full leaf would have obscured the view.

You can also go down by the Tweed river in Peebles and walk along the banks of the river to reach the castle from the side turned away from the road. That will be something to do in the future!


Terri said...

What a castle! Spooky too! I so enjoy seeing Scotland through your eye's!
Thanks for the opportunity to vote for the guild.

Judy said...

You go my vote :D

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I voted!!! : ^ )) lenna

arts4all said...

I voted, too ;-0


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