Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After wrapping up my postcards from the previous post, I immediately progressed to Lenna's next swap which was announced very recently. It's for ATCs and they have to be on the theme of I am.......... You fill in the blanks yourself with whatever you think you are. I could have used I'm not completely sane, or even I am entirely mad, but instead I used what I am most and that's myself and that self is an artist. Yes, I do sometimes doubt it but nevertheless I must be, people even buy my work! I used my Morning Pages (I've already started doing them before the Artist's Way starts in October) this morning to start every sentence with I am, something I usually avoid as much as I can, specially on this blog.

I started without a safely net and for me that means NO fabric, but instead a sheet of watercolour paper. Art has been the wrong way around for me. Most people start painting first on paper, and then progress to other media but me, I started with fabric and there I stayed for a very long time, indeed I stayed there till now. You can see the finished painted paper above and it was very much inspired by the new and luscious goodies such as acrylic paint and mica sprays I bought from Art from the Heart and which arrived by FedEx this morning. When I unpacked them I simply had to use them immediately. They were truely delightful and now have a place of honour in the shed, or rather the artist studio half of the shed, which is encroaching into the other half when John isn't looking.

To show you more of the detail I've uploaded 2 of the cards separately, the one at the top and the one above. You can see there is all kinds of everything on there, painting, stamping, stencialling, hand drawing, dripping (is that an official technique?), and that's because I am a moorish sort of person. Why stick to a few paint colours if you can have them all, has pretty much been my life's motto.

All the pictures I used are of me, needless to say, but at a much younger age. All were taken when I was still living in The Netherlands which means they are more than 31 years old. I might find that hard to believe but it's a sad fact. There is also some of my own handwriting on them, which is also very me.

So here they are, this is who I am! The card at the top is the one I decided to keep and all the other ones will be on their way to Lenna soon, 6 for the swap (I must remember to pay her for the additional set!) and one for her. I'll leave the choice of which one she would like to have up to her and it will be interesting to see which one she thinks is most me!

If you want to find out who you are too, you can sign up for this swap here on the Creative Swaps site.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, you are awesome! Oh my, thanks so much. I just received your second registration so you are all set for 2 sets! I look forward to receiving them very much and choosing one for myself. You are so kind, thank you.

And you know, I only announced this swap on monday evening? Less than 2 days later yours are done beautifully and on their way, wow. I think that is my quickest swap response yet! Actually, it doesn't surprise me coming from you . . . I am so happy you 'got' my prompt and lovely to see how you used it. I really LoVe them!

xoxo lenna

Lenna Young Andrews said...

me again! i wanted to read your post once more and look at the ATCs in detail. I love that your hand writing is on them -it is definitely so YOU. I know of no one else who writes like you do.

I'm going to have a hard time choosing one, Frieda! Love your attitude and all the paint colors you used! wonderful work, now to go check out Art from the heart . .. you are always corrupting me! ; )))

Jewels said...

One word Frieda - overachiever (LOL) They are wonderful. J

Linda said...

Frieda, I love the beautiful paper you've created...the colors are gorgeous. And the ATCs you've made are wonderful!


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