Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A summer's Day Fabric Postcards

My very good friend Lenna has instigated another of her wonderful swaps on her special blog site for them. This time is was for a Mail Art swap figuring postcards with the theme of A Summer's Day. We make 3 postcards and send them to her in one little parcel and then she will swap them out individually by mailing 3 postcards back to us, with each one going individually through the mail. There is still time to sign up here! And you can an very informative PDF file with lots of hints and tips about making postcards and mail art.

All the cards started with white cotton fabric that I painted, sprayed, stamped and stencilled till I was happy with the finished product. I then added a strip of fabric that resulted from a flower drawing I did, and scanned into the computer and then printed out again. It was a left over from a previous Journal Quilt Walking in Beauty. I used my Xyron Design Runner to add the text. I then added the flower fairies, rub-offs, such as the LOVE above and rose scraps. The word SUMMER came from a self adhesive sheet of gold letters and I was really happy there were enough letters to make that word for all 4 of the cards.

All the fabric images are of flower fairies (from Altered Pages), the one above is a nasturtium fairy, above that is the rose fairy and the top one features a daisy fairy. As a final touch I added gloss medium over the entire surface of the postcard. I did this recently on some ATCs and really liked the effect. It also makes the surface water resistant, and as these cards will eventually go through the mail system that seemed beneficial.

Finally here is the back for all the cards. I've again used my scanned in flower drawing as well as a scan from the back of a vintage postcard, layered the 2 together digitally and added the quotation as requested by Lenna. We had to come up with a sentence that started: A summer's Day and as you can see I produced the following: A summer's day is like being in heaven while still living on earth!

I also made a card specially as a gift for Lenna which I was going to include with the 3 cards above that together will go in a little package to Florida before too long, but then I thought this is after all a mail art swap so I gathered my courage together and mailed her card off to her in the mail yesterday. Sandra at the Post Office and I had a great time finding picture stamps to go on the card and then she put it in the mail bag with both of us wishing it a safe journey. I'll upload a picture of that one once Lenna receives it.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I cannot not tell you how much I like these, Frieda! From the fabric you have so summer-ly painted and stenciled, to the flower fairies with their flower hats, to your delicious summer's day quote and your rescue dog postage stamps you added for me, not to forget your hand designed fabric on the front and then muted as a background on the back - oH mY!
: ) You sure know how to make my day! Thank you. I am so pleased you signed up for the August ATCs as well - yee ha! ; ) lenna

Maggi said...

Leena is such a swap enabler! lol These are pretty, love the colors you chose to go with the images!

Georgie Horn said...

lovely cards! Congratulations on your many accomplishments!


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