Wednesday, 27 July 2011


In it's own way today was just as enjoyable as yesterday, helped by the fact that we again had blazing sunshine. But rather than being out and about I was mostly home. Early in the morning I drove to the library where I was successful in uploading an entire CD of pictures to Photobox to be made into photographs and I also bought a vintage image download from Mary Green and downloaded that to the same CD. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the sun, so I closed down my computer and went home.

Time to show you another page from my Art Journal (I've used my portrait orientated Moleskine again), this one made on Saturday after the tragic events in Norway. I was asking myself the question if it was okay to enjoy the peace of our rural garden and feeling happy, while such awful events were taking place elsewhere in the world. You can see the page I eventually came up with above. The angel image is from Alpha Stamps and I also used a small angel stamp. The writing on the side told me it had originally belonged to Lenna and I bought it from her when she was having a clear-out! Such lovely coincidence. The little squares stamp is from Sherrill Kahn.

The peace I feel when sitting in the sun in our garden is like nothing else on this earth. And looking around at the beauty surrounding me is no small part of that peach. Roses especially are peace personified. These are 3 pictures I took today, and the one above became my blip after long consideration.

While sitting in the sun I was re-reading the entire 4Artists4Ways online course I did some months ago. At the time I was deep in preparations for my exhibition so didn't give it my full attention. I particularly loved reading Lenna's section about Altered Books again. It was almost like having her sitting there in our garden with me ( if only!!!). It was full of information and if you are at all interested in altering books, art journalling or mixed media I highly recommend you sign up for the course. If you follow this link you can start your own art journalling adventure.

And then as if by magic, our postie arrived with my latest ATC from Lenna in a beautiful decorated envelope (Lenna loves mailart!) as well as a long letter, so that I felt her presence coming even closer. It made an already almost perfect day even better! And a wonderful example of synchronicity to enjoy too.


Maggi said...

What a beautiful new art journal page and it sounded like you had such a beautifully peaceful day! I felt peaceful just reading about it. :)

Terri said...

Hello Frieda, I have been away on vacation all month and am now home. I am catching up in "blogland" and happy to be here visiting you!
Your journal page is fabulous. I felt somewhat the same when the tragedy struck. It felt like I should not be enjoying myself. We were going out to do some sightseeing and it was an odd feeling. Your garden sounds so lovely, and I am sure was a beautiful and calming place to be.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Frieda, what a lovely post all around. I am glad to be near you in spirit through the workshop writings and the letter with the ATC! I had forgotten all about that angel stamp until you mentioned it, part of our clearing out in Connecticut to be near my parents in Florida. It has all worked out for the best and I am so glad you have that stamp! i love serendipitous things like this as I know you do.
Your flowers are beautiful; I love the white rose, but I would have chosen the pink just like you did.
sending love! lenna


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