Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sail Away Spread

I finished another spread in my portrait orientated journal. I already knew that would become my favourite and so far the landscape journal has had some pages painted etc. but no actual journalling done in it. I aim to rectify that before too long.

This page just suddenly wanted to be made after I listened to a radio programme about people emigrating from the U.K. They seemed to think that all their problems would miraculously be over if only they moved to Australia, New Zealand, you name it. As someone who has moved countries (not just once but several times) I know that you always take your biggest problem with you, which is yourself. Just because you move doesn't mean you will be a different person. No, you will always be you, and much as I don't mind that mostly, I do fervently wish that I had an ON/OFF switch, so that just occasionally I could turn my thoughts off for a while!

The spread also refers to the fact that when John and I were first married we literally sailed away, on an oil tanker to be precise. If only it could have been a romantic sailing vessel as seen on the spread! The transparency fish is from Artchix Studio.

The old rowing boat is one of my own photographs, made into a blipcard by Blipfoto. I suddenly realized they were the ideal size to use in my journals, so you will be seeing more of them. I also forgot to mention in previous blog posts about my journalling that I always start somewhere in the middle of the journal. Perhaps to hide away my mistakes just in case the spreads turn into a disaster, and then in the end I'm faced with the first page, which should be extra special in my view, and then I'm stumped!!. But I don't seem to be able to shake off that habit. I do date all my pages though so that I can see in which order I did them with hindsight.


Terri said...

Your journal spread is beautiful. I adore the colors you used and your images. That ship is definitively more romantic than an oil tanker! LOL.
I have moved countries 3 times too, and you are right, "where ever you go, there you are!"
I am about to start my first art journal workshop with Scarlet Lime, and I am very excited about it. You have been inspiring me for ages and now I am going to try it myself.

Monica said...

Ah yes, you are so right "the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill'. How often i hear people say that they need to move because it is too cold, to warm etc where they live and they move to somewhere they saw in summer and find nothing has changed and they are more miserable than ever.

Helen Cowans said...

I love this one :)

Your garden is looking beautiful. I planted some flowers on the new border around the studio - still lots to do - put down some seeds "cornflower meadow mix" for next year to fill the gaps!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love seeing your journal spreads, frieda. I especially love this one with your photo of the boat, it's one of my favorites too! The background colors and the words you have chosen are delightful!


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