Sunday, 31 July 2011

Portmore Garden

It's Sunday again (oh, how fast a week seems to fly past!) so time for another garden visit under the Gardens of Scotland scheme. We stayed very close to home for Portmore Garden which is located in Eddleston. It had been quite a few years since we last saw this garden and it had filled out and grown up amazingly.The plants in the walled garden were stunning, such as the calendula above (also my blip today).

But not just the flowers were beautiful, I also took a real liking to the shapes and textures of this cabbage (just as long as I don't have to eat it!!).

In their beautiful, restored, Victorian greenhouse were more beautiful blooms, such as this gorgeous geranium. Loved the frilly, pink beauty of this one. Sadly all the ones for sale had been bought although we managed to pick up a dark variety that I'm also very happy with. No doubt you'll see it here or on my blip page before too long.

There was a peaceful water garden which I didn't remember seeing before,

and we even saw an exotic crocodile albeit one made from copper, to guard over it.

Another rare creature or rather two, could be seen by the door to the house itself (not open to the public) but due to parked cars I didn't manage to take a good picture of either of them. But I liked them so much that I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of them anyway. I would guess they originated in China, but have no idea how they ended up here in the Scottish Borders.

All in all another great garden visit, without rain, although also without much sun. We both had a great time, we bought two lovely plants, the geranium mentioned earlier, and a dainty fuchsia, and enjoyed the customary cream tea too.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

So many beautiful photos Frieda, I am glad you had a lovely day for a garden visit!

Chrissie said...

Just discovered your blog Frieda - stunning and inspirational. I've only just started blogging so all new to me. Will you be at Festival of Quilts next week?

Michael Cosh said...

Hello from San Diego California, Frieda,

It's so wonderful to hear that the gardens are doing so well. My Great-Grandfather, William Cosh, was the estate gardener starting from about 1950 to sometime in the 1890's.

More family stories related to Eddleston and Edinburgh.

Thank You for sharing,

Michael Cosh


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