Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wildflower Walk

We took a long evening walk last night to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and the dry condition in the peat field which made it possible to walk along the edge to the high moor. Of course my camera was in my hand and my project for the evening was to capture as many wild flowers as we could find. I knew there would be many different sorts, quite apart from the many different sort of grasses but even I was amazed at the variety. Seen above from left to right and from top to bottom you can see:

ragged robin, heather, common vetch

white clover, cow parsley, yarrow

wild orchid, common bird's-foot trefoil, scottish thistle

This is the old railway line along which we walk our dogs almost every day apart from the times we go further afield. We've lived here almost 16 years and these dogs get walked at least twice a day, while the previous dogs we had, were walked trice (colliecrosses, so needed the exercise!), and I have no idea just how often I have walked up and down this track. But still the views both in the distance and close by never cease to impress! And I can only hope there will be many, many more walks to come.

High on the moor I love the look of this ancient shed, specially framed by the wall. I have been closed than this but that is when I'm on my own, without the dogs. The farmer who owns the field is not keen on them, even when they are on a lead, and I don't like to upset anyone, specially when I'm taking pictures of their shed!

Of course beauty is not just to be found in wildflowers but also in cultivated species, such as the rose. Regular readers of this blog will already know about my infatuation with this flower and this is going to be another summer of rose pictures here. The first beauty to come out is Zephirine Drouhin, a thornless rose with a wonderful aroma, although it tends to suffer with mildew. Worth having, though, both the colour and smell are magnificent and it flowers the whole summer long!

The rose was my blip today.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a variety of wildflowers you saw, frieda! WOw. I could not choose which one I like the best except maybe the rose in your garden : ) I did not know you had cross collies before, is that like a border collie? Or maybe something different?? It is something that you have so often walked the same path. I like that you showed us a photo of it . . . amazing to think of how many quilts you might have dreamed up while walking there! xoxo


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