Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Green Spread and another blog

I finised this green spread for my Sketchbook Project a few days ago but at the moment I seem to make so much art that I can't keep up here on the blog. In a way this is of course good news but I'm getting a bit stressed about all these images I want to show you. As you can see it features my fly-eating plant, which to me looked like a bald headed gent with a moustache (yes, I know, my brain is a strange place at times) which is why I added the postage stamp with a like wise adorned gentleman. On the right are the squares done with watercolour pencils which are a regular feature of every spread in this sketchbook, dedicated to the theme Monochromatic. I've also used paint sample cards. I've started to do a lot of doodling on my spreads, which is something I used to do a lot of as I recently rediscovered in an old school diary. I tried it again and still love it just as much!

So far for the art, now time for some other news. I've decided for good or evil that I wanted to go ahead with my graveyard project based on the West Linton graveyard. It's my local, so to speak, so I have easy access to it and it's rapidly falling into disrepair. The Borders council does the maintenance in the shape of grass cutting but that seems to be more or less it. So I have started a brand new separate blog onto which I will upload pictures of the various tombstones as well as the inscriptions in so far as they still can be read. You can find it here. Today it was the turn of the above gravestone. And with lots of green in the background to match the spread.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful news on both counts! I love your green spread for your sketchbook an your news of a new blog! xo


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