Thursday, 4 August 2011

Orange Spread

The most recent spread I finished for my 2012 Sketchbook Project was an orange spread. Remember my theme is Monochromatic, so every spread is dedicated to the shades and gradations of one colour. On the right hand page of every spread I have divided the pages into squares and coloured those in with watercolour pencils which were then activated with a water brush.

I added pictures of orange poppies (my own photographs, orange text from magazines, orange washi tape and vintage postage stamps to this page. On the left hand page I glued on a crumpled orange wrapping paper, with more magazine text as well as orange images, also from magazines. Washi tape was used on this page too as well as two more vintage postage stamps. I also did some doodling on top of the washi tapes.

You can see my 2011 finished sketchbook here and as soon as it's possible (they're still working on the site at the moment) I'm also adding my 2012 pictures there.

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Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
I have been away most of the summer, and hence haven't been around as much as I like. I have just arrived home late last night from another trip. Whew! But fun!
I have had a nice time catching up on your blog. You are one busy art girl! I love your orange page and the previous one you have shown. How fun they must be to create with those gorgeous colors!
The graveyard blog sounds fab, I am heading over there now.


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