Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Haiku ATC Swap

Lenna, my lovely and creative friend in Florida, has done it again. Found a gorgeous new theme for her latest swap on her Creative Swap site. It's for ATCs and it has to have a haiku on it, either on the front or the back. A haiku is a form of Japanese poem, where the first line has to have 5 syllables, the second 7 and the last one 5 again. If you register for the swap Lenna will give you a very helpful PDF will all the necessary information. You can either write your own haikus or use someone else's (provided it's copyright free, of course!). I produced my own haikus all inspired by my frequent visits to graveyards. I made the 4 as seen below (one extra for Lenna) and then felt I wanted to have one for myself. I have a little box where I keep left-over pieces from other projects that I particularly liked and for myself I finally used the fabric-paper collage piece seen above with a little face peering out from it. The haiku reads:

dark ghosts roam the earth

hunting for the shining light

hidden in their souls

For most of the cards I used the last piece of an Italian themed paper-fabric collage which I had been treasuring for ages, for some special project and these ATCs proved to be it. I had only enough for 3 ATCs so for the other one I used one of my grave photographs (see my other blog on West Linton graveyard). The haiku text was made with my Dymo writer. For the above ATC it reads:

long forgotten souls

breath no longer their domain

life extinct death reigns

many lives gone far

no more dancing in the light

farewell tragedies

peace among the graves

battles lost and won and now

the resurrection

This card was made from an actual photograph I took in West Linton graveyard and the haiku reads:

a graveyard in sun

dark and light in life and death

an eternity


arts4all said...

The ATC's are wonderful (as is all your art), but the haiku is superb!

PaisleyPeacock said...

I think all your atc. creations are wonderful....love all your Haiku...I love looking the art that makes its way to Lena and beyond. tfs

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda! How wonderful you have done these already! I think they are a perfect marriage of your own haiku and your interest in the West Linton Graveyard and all you have been discovering there. Of course I love your fabric paper -yum! thank you for participating in such a great way!
xo lenna


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