Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My exhibition is away on its travels

Today was spend getting up at 5.30am (yak!!) and driving 400 miles down to Harrogate and back up again. I took the quilts for the exhibition as I nor Grosvenor Shows wanted to entrust so many quilts in one go to a courier company. The drive down was uneventful and I arrived shortly after 9.00am. The name of the exhibition has lost its s as in quilts and will be travelling as colour - quilt - collage, quite handy as that enables me to differentiate between the exhibitions. The sold quilts from the Peebles exhibition have been handed to their new owners so I wanted to replace those 6 with at least some more. As Grosvenor Shows had used Variation on Vasarely for their publicity (see poster at top) I added it (detailed picture below) as well as the quilt Foxfires, which won the European Quilt Championships back in 2006. If you want to see the various venues for this travelling show you can find them here.

The first one is The Great Northern Quilt Show at the Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate this coming weekend, from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September 2011. After that it's coming to Edinburgh (see info here) and that is when I will have a good look at it! I'll try and keep you updated on this blog whenever the show reaches a new venue as we go along!

Once I had delivered the quilts I had a much needed and longed for double espresso and then made my way to a newly discovered craft shop Art from the Heart from whom I had already ordered various things online. I simply couldn't resist this opportunity to visit in person. I went into a total creative frenzy while there, buying 12 colours of Perfect Pearl Mists (well, a reduction was on offer if you bought them all!!!) as well as several yummy stamps, and other paraphenalia I decided I couldn't live without. They also had a wonderful show of finished samples, and do classes.

It's probably just as well this shop is so far away, I could easily bankrupt myself if it was any closer! But they have all their stock online if you want to be tempted too!


fabriquefantastique said...

Must visit that shop when next in Harrogate (my daughter lives in Yorkshire). Dynamic image...

Helen Cowans said...

That shop is on my list when I get to the K&S (Snow permitting this year!)

I'll see the quilts in Edinburgh, I seem to be a bit busy this weekend!

Do you have the same journey on Sunday?


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