Friday, 12 August 2011

Pale Pink and Butter Yellow ATC

This month the Colour Groupies ATCs made it across the Atlantic super fast. Who knows why? I've given up on the vagaries of the postal system. At least so far they have always arrived safely although there were times when it seemed to take forever. The colour combination of this month was Pale Pink and Butter Yellow. I started with a yellow fabric, randomly appliqued pink strips to it, and added the images (all Cavellini labels). On top of the image I played with layers of beaded gel and Clear Accent, which I'm afraid to say is very hard to see on the scans.

But it sort of looks like glass with bubbles. Great effect, just a shame I've not written down just exactly how I did it so will have to experiment again next time I want to do this!
I beaded around the images with size 11 seed beads and finally added the text. On the one I'm keeping, seen at the top, it reads: "the last bird fly into the last night".

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

They are beautiful, Frieda. I was very intrigued by the technique in the middle and so happy I have one of my very own!!! xoxox


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