Friday, 26 August 2011

Vintage Gluebook Pages

Mary Green, our teacher for the Vintage Gluebook Class last year, is hosting a swap for Vintage Gluebook pages. You can find all the necessary information here, both about the swap as well as to sign up. She will bind the pages we get in return for us as well as gift us some of her actual vintage treasures. What could be better. So while my mother was here I mananged to make most of the pages by going to bed a bit later and getting up a wee bit earlier. I get quite narky if I'm not arting so it did help me maintain a good mood too.

All my pages use real vintage material and in total I made 8 pages of which I'm showing you 4 here, the next 4 will be on a future post. Mary requires only 6 for her swap and I made an extra one for her and also one for me to keep and add to my vintage gluebook when the returns come back. I used postage stamps on almost all the pages as well as inking the edges of every page with a walnut coloured inkpad.

The one above is called Finest Grown.

And here is Liberty Song after the title of the music. I started all pages by cutting watercolour paper to the required size (5 x 7") and gluing down a vintage page of text, without paying much attention to the text. In the end I used that text as the starting point for what came next on the page.

An actual vintage photo became the centrepoint for this page, called Un Grand Garcon (translates as A Wonderful Boy

And the final page for today is called Bliss. There is a vintage postcard as the focal point featuring the Palace of Versailles, and the loving couple comes from a playing card that I orignally bought in Mary's Etsy shop.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

ah, you have inspired me in the making of mine for this swap, thank you, Frieda!!! beautiful....


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