Saturday, 24 September 2011

colour - quilt - collage in Ingliston

Here is an overview of my colour - quilt - collage exhibition as it can be seen till tomorrow at the Scottish Quilt Championships, at Ingliston, near Edinburgh Airport. As you can see the stands are sort of on a slant to enable people to walk in and out for a close-up look while leaving space too to step away from the quilts and look at them from a distance. And here they all are in order of appearance:

On the left Sweet Spring and Glorious Autumn and on the right at the top: A Woman's Work and Marie Studholme Journal Quilts and on the bottom: Fluttering through Time and then the 3 collage quilts: Sealand Gem, Iceberg Rose, Gazania and Lily.

On the left at the top the Venice Journal Quilts and on the bottom from the right: Flames of Passion, Up in the Air and Earthly Pleasures, and on the right Flower Petals

On the left Circles, Spots and Dots and on the right from the top left: Calendar Journal Quilts, Snapshots and on the bottom Alba in Colour.

Stripes Shapes on the left and Variations on Vasarely on he right. I added this last quilt to the travelling exhibition partly to replace some of the work that was sold during the exhibition in Peebles but also because Grosvenor Shows had used images of it in their pre-publicity for this travelling exhibit so it seemed to make sense to include it.

Rising above the Waves on the left and Foxfires on the right. This last quilt was not in the exhibition in Peebles as it had already been exhibited by the Scottish Borders Museum Service in a previous show. I added it to the travelling exhibition to replace some of the work that was sold. I just hope all the tassels will bear up well with all the travelling but it's one of my favourite quilts and it's lovely to be able to share it in this way. It was also one of my most successful quilts, winning the European Quilt Championships in 2006.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, all of your quilts look so lovely and what an honor!! xo

Dawn said...

What Fabulous quilts. Beautiful colours!

Terri said...

Oh Frieda, you must feel so proud! What a gorgeous display of your quilt art. One of them I am totally in love with....maybe you can guess....



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